A Merchant Cash Alternative

In the previous article about Merchant Cash Advance we discussed the benefits and risks.  The fact is that the Merchant Cash Advance is the only option for many business owners because of their poor personal credit score and the lack of maintaining proper business financial integrity while working on building business credit.  Bounced checks, low business bank account balances is the major influence on deciding how the business is run. Maintaining small business cash flow can be a challenge for many, but how you handle it is the difference between 50% interest or factor rate for repayment and daily withdrawals from your checking account  vs 8-12% interest rate and monthly payments.

The choices you make daily is what will determine the success of your business. It takes a few steps to initially provide a path for business success. Whatever business it may be, you are the guru. If you are opening an automotive repair garage, you are most likely an ace mechanic and can handle any situation regarding the repair and maintenance of any car.  If you are opening an Air Conditioning Sales and Service location I can guarantee that you are an expert at keeping everyone cool even during the dog days of summer. But, no matter what industry you are in, most likely you are not experienced or have the time to handle the day to day business financials.  The fact is most people can’t even handle their personal finances appropriately.  This is nothing to be ashamed about, you have a lot going on, and really your financial well being should be left to experts.

Statistics show that having the right business accounting service reduces the chances of business failure within the first 5 years by 75%. They say the best time to plant a tree was yesterday, so no matter if you are an established business or a start up, make the move to make sure that you are being properly represented by an accounting service, and not someone who is just pushing numbers and reports. Accountants have a fiduciary responsibility to represent you in a manner that promotes growth.  

Although Merchant Cash Advances can be beneficial if they are used properly. But there is a slightly better alternative. It is a form of the merchant cash advance that provides higher loan amounts, monthly payments, and terms up to ten years. These monthly payments are the biggest difference and It allows the business owner to prepare better while having more control of their cash flow. It can be just as expensive as the merchant cash advance as you stretch the payments out over a longer term, so there are benefits to paying off early or just taking a shorter term.

The underwriting guidelines for this program is a little more stringent and it is only available in certain states, but if you cannot qualify for traditional finance it is a good option to get the money you need and be able to manage it more easily. The biggest difference is that they are more concerned on how your financials are handled, and it is preferred that you have an online accounting service that can be tapped into for review, otherwise the business online checking account will be used. Monthly ending balance represents the determination for payment and funding amount.


Terms – up to 10 years

Monthly Payments

States – AL, AZ, CA, DC, DE, HI, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MD, ME, MO, MS, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NM, OH, OR, SC, UT, VA, WA, WI and WY.*

Business Types – all “for-profit” businesses. The business must be opened for 90+ days with an active business bank account.

Approval Times – real-time approvals and same day funding for business owners providing loan proceeds in as fast as 2 hrs!

Amount: $3,500 – $250,000

  • 21 Years of Age*
  • Business Checking (90+ Days Open)*
  • Online Banking*
  • Company Name*
  • Voided Check†
  • Authorization to obtain credit*
  • Driver’s License (or valid ID)†
  • Business EIN*

Cash flow is key to any successful business, and although this is an alternative to the merchant cash advance it is still not the optimal route to go. This alternative method along with the merchant cash advance has a place in the business finance world and should be used responsibly. Work on getting your business credit established (it is checked by every Bank, Lender, and credit facility, along with the other items that are needed to build business credibility and you will serve your business better with low interest rates and better terms.

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No Income No Asset Personal Lines of Credit


Startup, New Businesses or Personal Use

Funding Up to $250,000

Fund starts in 7-10 Business Days.

680 FICO

Co-signer OK



BK must be over 4.5 years

Collections, Judgments, Late Payments must be over 12 months

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